Texas Soccer Supporters Winter Sucks Scarves

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Texans are divided by the club they support. But we're united for the Lone Star State and our disdain for the cold weather. Join the Dallas Beer Guardians, Texian Army, The Surge, 210 Alliance, Denton Harbingers, and Austin Anthem in this scarf to support Texas' food banks as we recover from the 2021 winter storm. All proceeds will be evenly distributed among the North Texas Food Bank, Houston Food Bank, San Antonio Food Bank, and Central Texas Food Bank.

*Scarves will ship between April 2nd-4th. These have been delayed by the manufacturer but will be here very soon

If you also want to give directly, click on one of the links below:
Dallas Beer Guardians North Texas Food Bank (Donate Here)
Texian Army Houston Food Bank (Donate Here)
The Surge Houston Food Bank (Donate Here)
210 Alliance San Antonio Food Bank (Donate Here)
Denton Harbingers North Texas Food Bank (Donate Here)
Austin Anthem  Central Texas Food Bank (Donate Here)